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Nomadic Bear, mobile game studio based in Mongolia :)

Nov 01 2017 released!, an addictive new io game that can give you challenging game-play with ease of hand control. Just swipe to move in four directions.Your goal is simple. Try to eat less pointy opponent on the grid and be King of all having crown on you but be careful if your opponent has eaten white dot he can eat you even if you have higher point. Download now.

SEP 02 2017

Hexup 9 is coming soon!

HexUp 9 is new match puzzle game. Simply slide up numbered hexagons to honeycomb tunnel. Stack numbers merge same numbers to get 9. Be smart on staking. It can filled very easy.HexUp 9 is very fun and exciting block merge puzzle game, you can keep playing for free. It is simple puzzle game that will challenge you, while also train your brain.

JUN 02 2017

The Cube Slide is coming soon!

Tap on left and right side of the screen to roll into side of passing tiles. Avoid front edges of the tiles as you slide across the runway. Roll into gold tiles to collect gold and purchase awesome new characters. How far can you slide? Challenge yourself.

JAN 01 2017

Mars Challenge is Released

Go your way through dangerous terrains of Mars in this arcade action platform game. You have a mission to accomplish for humanity! The mission will require you to jump, leap,dash and tap your way through unexpected obstacles, and extreme terrains with your super robot.

NOV 11 2016

Mars Challenge is coming soon

Think yourself in Mars alone just like the movie called Martian. You would feel all sudden and harsh enviroment of Mars. Challenge your self on Mars experienceing 30 awesomely designed levels. Goodluck Martian!